I am an independent art director, graphic designer and image maker based in Stockholm. I create visual concepts that may be applied to books, catalogues, posters, films, stationaries, websites and packaging. If you think that your project could benefit from my participation in any way, I will be happy to talk to you. You will find my contacts at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


I am a visual artist focused on art direction, graphic design and illustration.

Acne, A Day’s March, American Express, C&A, Dwell Magazine, Herman Miller, Le Bon Marché, Misshumasshu, Nitty Gritty, Nowness, Nordisk Film, Steidl Verlag, Svenskt Tenn, Ya-sin Chahimi…

I am constantly looking for new projects and collaborations. Big or small, international or local, startup or established, screen or print. If you think your project could benefit from my participation, I will be very happy to talk with you.☺
Call me (+46 737 84 77 60) or → E-mail.
For illustration requests in France, contact Victoria Vingtdeux at Atelier 22 Paris

Prints → Memento Mori Shop

Sorry, but I do not take interns, nor am I looking to hire. If you are a student, I will be happy to review you portfolio and give some comments over e-mail. Furthermore, I am always interested in getting to know the work of photographers and fellow illustrators.

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